Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brotherly Love

We all know doz avvo pimpin point hoe's try all kinds of tricks to get they nut. Postin answers in subjects they don't practice in, postin in jurisdictions they ain't licensed in, etc.

But, when a brother is so hard up for dem points - he get's his OWN brother to vote up an answer that's is not only out of his jurisdiction, but also his practice area- that's when you know this here be a True Mac.

(Gotta scratch that itch !!)

Take a look at the the "lawyer" who voted up the answer - it's his own BROTHER (sibling  - not slang).

This cuz gots a big vote for Pimp O' the Week.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

True Avvo Pimp Stylin

AVVO Answers  - shiiiit, more like dish out that whack ass bull so I can mack out my profile.

Here, we got Robert Daniel Kelly giving the AVVO shuffle to some folks lookin for an answer  - not a recommendation to go find someone who can listen to your problem and then give you an answer

Why do AVVO keep allowin whacked out BS on dey Answer site? Cuz, they don't give a damn if they be answhores.

Peace Out

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pimp O'tha Year - Nominations Now Being Taken

With my extended hiatus at the State Correctional Sandals resort over, I am back to get my Avvo Pimp stick out and beat some ass.

But, since it's been awhile to see what mack's being stirring up the pot, I need to get you to tell me - Who's Pimpin it at Avvo?

I already see Mr. Brinkmeier be using his cut and paste (or having his ghostbloggers posting again) - going from 10,000 answers about 1 year ago to over 21,000.

But, I need to know who be trying to take down da King? Let me know and then - we'll put out a poll on who should be tha Pimp O' that Year for for 2010.

Pimp O' tha Week

Now, I gotta give it up for tha playa's who got that entrepreneurial spirit. One's that know you ain't gonna get paid if you ain't got no bidness comin in.

But, DAYAMMM...How the Hell do a homeboy make over 21,000 answers.

Look for yo self.

In my last note to y'all,  I show how Mr. Brinkmeier think he be a Doctor now.

Homeboy also be doin all the typical AVVO Pimp stuff, like posting answers in states he ain't licensed, posting in practice areas he doesn't practice in, and just being a overall Answhore.

So, in recognition of Mr. Brinkmeier's in yo face AVVO Pimpin, I award Mr. Brinkmeier da Pimp O' tha Week cup.

Callin Dr. Brinkmeier. Callin Dr. Brinkmeier

Is this mack an attorney - or a doctor?

Maybe he be tryin to Pimp both the Attorney and Doctor site. What's that mean? Mo' Points - Mo Points.

AND - he aint licensed in TX to do EITHER. Shiiit

I got some more for this foo.

I'm Back Y'all


Being in da Pen ain't no joke. Now it's time to get back to the straight jack Pimpin....

Monday, March 1, 2010

One Dumb Ass Pimp

Ya know Mr. Shafer be on this blog all over tha place.

Being bitch slapped and for being a POTW for talkin out his ass on everything that get's posted to Avvo Answers.

After a while, it gotta make you wonder - do this white bread mofo got a clue at all? Is he an attorney? For real !!!???

For instance, take this question that draws him in like a crack ho lookin for a nut.

Gotta get dem points - regardless if it may him look like a stupid ass cracka only out to pimp his scoreboard points.

And, this ain't the only time Mr. Shafer be puttin out the "I dunno what you're asking -but imma get some points" response. Take a look at his answers. Maybe he should go on Montel Williams or Dr. Phil - cuz, homeslice seems to be better at providing personal advice than legal advice.

Mr. Shafer's profile also now shows him to be a "PRO". PRO what?? Pro Pimp Ass Bitch?

Although, I do agree with his slogan - DO NOT GO TO COURT WITHOUT A GOOD ATTORNEY. Too bad it ain't him.

We need a new prize for this kind of crap - Let me know what I should call it. Post it in the comments.