Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is Pimping?

Well, one might say that pimping is about style. Others might say it's all about dat money. And even others may say it's about respect. Avvo Pimps though, are all about those points. All those answers get'em 15 points.

Gotta get that street cred.

But, how do a pimp get street cred? Easy. Just put some whacked out crap on the Avvo site. Don't matter what you got to say, but say it like Johnny Cochrane would.

Or, even better, put some junk together that you can cut and paste into your answer like my homeboy Mr. Brinkmeier do. Take a look at this post and then take a look at some of his other shit.

Homeslice is like Steve Jobs with all dat cut and paste.

And what duz that get da pimp? Mo points, Mo points.

1 comment:

  1. I prefer to think of myself as a media whore or just a slut, cause I don't even charge for it. I am not really a pimp because I am not selling anyone else.